A….B…C…. that’s it for me!

When I signed up for Adventure Boot Camp, I was looking forward to doing it three times a week. I double checked with my physio and I was only cleared for twice week. My thoughts at that moment were “Sure, like I only need to do this twice a week. You just being overly cautious.” But I listened. Its taken me many many years to finally listen to my physio when it comes to my back. This time she wasn’t wrong, maybe a little overly optimistic.

Because of my back, I have to pull out of Adventure Boot Camp. I cant go and injure it again and undo the last 5 years of work, plus I have Ladybug to look after now, so I am erring on the side of caution.


If I didn’t have this stupid injury and I could do running and sit-ups, I would be there like a bear.
Adventure Boot Camp is an awesome alternative to gyming. I am as fit as an overweight pregnant sloth and I managed to do it. It’s just for the girls and they have 3 sessions a day – one for those daft people awake early in the morning, one late afternoon and one in the evening. I would recommend it to anyone looking to get fitter but can’t stand going to the gym. You can work at your own pace and you not pushed beyond your limits.

Thank you to ABC for allowing me the opportunity to experience your camps, I will be back one day when my back allows!



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