Novembers MBB

Whoop Whoop it finally arrived! A bitter sweet day, finally the courier company decided to send some MBB (My Baby Box) love my way (Don’t worry MBB has a new courier company from next month). November is not only the final month of the MBB as we know them (more info to follow), it’s also the last of the Wabbit goodies in the box.

Now it’s no secret that I have fallen in love with Wabbit products. And this month its no different. Check out this handmade (yes handmade) cube. The first thing I though was Madame is going to love biting that because we bite everything and guess where it went straight to… her mouth! The cube is not a soft foam, it’s a sturdy foam (if that makes sense) its definitely not a cube that is going to go pap or fall apart in a few days. Ladybug only stopped playing with it momentarily to eat and bath, it even had to be in her cot right next to Cutesy Wabbit – just now she is going to want to go to bed in her baby grow from Wabbit with her Ellie bib on too, I can just see it happening – he cot being taken over by Wabbit goodies!

Its also no secret that Im a HUGE fan of organic or natural anything. So I was really happy to see the Purity Jars we the Purity Organic range, if Im going to go over to the dark side of bottled food with Madame, I do make sure it’s the Purity Organic range. I am going to try something different with these jars though, I am going to make frozen lollies. Im sure Madame will enjoy them, she loves eating ice, so why not give it some flavour!

Im  excited to try the Pamper Me Massage Bar – its all natural (whoop whoop). Its made from a unique blend of Coconut, Shea and Mango Butter with Jojoba and Avocado Oil, I cant wait to try this on Ladybug.

From December onward MBB is changing their boxes. They are becoming a “Test and Try” box. Basically you will get samples of tried and tested products for you to try and test. Their prices have changed as well, no longer are the boxes R130 per box, they are now R89 per box including the courier!!!! How AWESOME is that. Christmas every month for less!! Go check out the sneaky peaks for December here and remember to get your order in by 30th November (next Friday).

And now for the good news on Wabbit. Their stuff is now available through the MBB Boutique!!! They have amazing boxes all bundled up ready to make awesome gifts for your friends that have babies, are expecting babies or hell even for you and baby! There is also a shop available now where you can get a whole range of products that have been sampled through MBB – Check them out here.

I already can’t wait for my Ladybug’s December Box. I think she would ROCK one of these tops


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