Day 1 – It all begins


Time: 17h30
Temperature: 34 Degrees
Mental state: Insane
Destination: Adventure Boot Camp

Yip, my first day of ABC was right in the peak of a heatwave in lovely Joburg! I was voluntarily on my way to an hour of physical exercise outside, in the heat. I was now certifiably insane, or a masochist, Im not sure which one yet.

I had no clue what to expect, to be honest. I had poured over the website and that was about all I had to go on. Armed with my water bottle, exercise mat, towel and 1kg dumbbells (I was NOT going to go any heavier, oh hell no), I was now semi prepared to do this. Truth be told I was really looking forward to it.

There must have been about 20 (maybe more) woman at the camp, different ages, sizes, fitness levels, we were all there. Louise is the ABC Trainer for the Emmarentia Camp (held at UJ Astro Grounds) – my life was now going to be in her hands, quiet literally because I expected to die I am that unfit.

Before camp started, Louise gave the newbies (thankfully I wasn’t the only one) a brief run down on what to expect from ABC – what you put in is what you going to get out. My mission for the first day was to live and get through the camp, and try do all the exercises. We received a welcome pack which included a Women’s Health Magazine, a Discount voucher for a Garmin Product, a Discount on a Massage and a Buddy Torture Pass (you can bring a friend to ABC, if you can find someone insane enough to join you).

Camp was underway, most rotations are 1 minute – do you know how long 1 minute really is? Its LONG really really LONG! We concentrated mostly on core strengthening exercises and upper body because of the heat there wasn’t much running. Now for those that have no clue what makes ABC different to a normal aerobics class, you are not stationary. You move around. You use the slopes, parking lots, fields etc of the venue you are at, plus you outside and not in a sweaty gym with loud music blaring through distorted speakers. Each rotation was in a different location, you power walked or ran to the next rotation.

I managed to do everything!! EVERYTHING! Ok except the whole running from one rotation area to the next, I did more of a saunter power walk thing which got slower as the hour progressed – which is fine because you go at your own pace (yes I was lapped by a few people) but I was doing well. I was still alive after the hour and surprisingly I still had energy and I wasn’t too sore (and I hadn’t exercised to the point of up-chucking).

I will be back – on Friday for the assessment day. The first Friday and the last Friday of camp is Assessment Day where you can accurately compare your progress from the start of the camp to the point where you get to on completion of the camp.

Bring on Friday – I think I have officially found my new addiction!


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