From Non-Hair Holder to Hair Holder in 72 hours!

I’m laying here in bed with Ladybug deadening my arm as she snuggles into me. Her drool is running down my arm as she drifts further off to dreamland, at least its just her drool, for the time being.

To say that the last 72 hours have been trying, is an understatement. I have never felt my limits as a Mom pushed so much and stretched as far as they have in the last 72 hours. I have also never seen Ladybug as weak and helpless as she was over the weekend, even when she was teeny tiny, she still have more vooma and energy than she did on Saturday.

I have also never been covered in so much puke in my entire life as I have in the last 72 hours, not even in my drunken tequila drinking prime time days!!! NEVER! Its funny how being a Mom changes you, I am a terrible friend, I won’t hold your hair when you throw up, I’m just not that strong-stomached, but this weekend I coped super well with puke. I went way above and beyond the hair holding phase!

I even managed to get it fine tuned…
Crouch (Reach for towel) -Touch (Bottle fed to Ladybug) –  Pause (wait for it…) – Engage (We have puke).

You feel so helpless as a Mom when your baby is so sick. She was weak from being sick and lethargic from lack of food and the fever. It really was touch and go at one stage – I had in my mind worked out the shortest possible routes to all Emergency Rooms at ALL Hospitals within spitting distance of our house and then just like that, the fever broke and Ladybug was back.

The glazed ragdoll that had possessed my child for the last 12+ hours was a thing of the past, and she was smiling and crazy for her Pooh Bear Ball!! My Ladybug was back. No more ragdoll, no more lame limbs on Mommy because of new and weird sleeping positions. No more puke… No wait I spoke too soon…

72 hours later, we still trying to get the “Do not puke on Mommy” thing right, but we have successfully got a normal temperature and some signs of normal mischievous behaviour back. Now to work on the puke thing…

In 72 hours we have:

  • Changed Mommy’s clothes no less than 4 times a day
  • Changed Ladybugs clothes no less than 3 times a day (being in just a nappy was eventually easier)
  • Done on average 2 loads of washing a day (with towels, blankets, clothes etc)
  • Mommy has showered up to 3 times a day
  • Ladybug has bathed up to 2 times a day (excluding the facecloth baths and wetwipe baths)
  • Slept in some strange positions to avoid being puked on
  • Been given 2 lots of antibiotics, paracetamol, anti-nausea and sinus clearer upper medication
  • Been to physio (to oddly enough make her puke up more – find the logic in that)
  • Lost a collective 100kgs between the 2 of us (with that much liquid loss there has to be that much weight loss)
  • Added more grey hairs to Mommy’s Head


  • We have 2 new teeth (totalling 6 teeth now)

So Mommy’s mission for the next 24 hours is to keep food in Ladybug, otherwise I will be accepting the first offer I get for her – because really Mommy has had enough of the hair holding!


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