Bully, Tomboy or just a Ladybug?

I’m still trying to decide if Ladybug is a bully, a Tomboy or just fiercely independent and determined. She has decided that its rubbish that the other two babies in her class (3 months older than her) aren’t as mobile as her and they don’t play as much as her (and they aren’t as busy as her – I’m sure her teachers are grateful though). So she has decided to take it upon herself to encourage them to get a move on.

P (the little girl who was born in January) hasn’t started crawling yet, so Ladybug decided she will help her along. She crawls up to her, snatches her blanket then crawls just out of reach, sits down and smile at P (who by now is in tears). Fortunately P clicked rather quickly and when she sees Ladybug coming she bum shuffles away as quickly as possible, and Ladybug now leaves her alone.

O (the little boy born at the end of December) hasnt twigged yet. Ladybug crawls up to him, takes his toy, sits down (not even out of arm’s length) and smiles at him. He then bursts into tears and she steals his dummy and laughs at him. He hasn’t worked out that if he just bum shuffled or moved a little bit she would leave him alone too.

Ladybug gets bored “playing” with P and O, who are closer to her age than the others, she rather go and play with the big kids in her class (they are between 7 – 9 months older than her). She gets involved in their games, pushing tables around, rough tumbling etc. It doesn’t bother her that they are bigger than her or that (on two instances) she has had a blood nose from playing with them. They are far more interesting than the boring non-mobile babies. They can walk and they do fun things (and they BOYS).

This weekend I watched as she played with Angel (who’s almost 3). No words were spoken between them, but they were playing for ages. It started off with Angel copying everything Ladybug did, and before I knew it, it was Ladybug copying everything Angel was doing.

Unfortunately this also included jumping off the plastic chair! Someone (maybe Mommy) forgot to remind Ladybug that she can’t walk yet and that she is only little and really can’t do the big kids’ stuff. This resulted in tears as she face planted on the floor.


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