Wooohooo Christmas came early (again)!

We got our My Baby Box last week – I really love getting our boxes! This month is was jam packed with goodies for Ladybug and goodies for Mommy! And this one really tickled me pink – there were natural and organic products in there!!! I was in heaven Ladybug was being spoilt.

Octobers My Baby Box

I really loved the Scheckters Organicenergy drink – and trust me after a dose of the Baby Measles, I needed it after little to no sleep watching fevers during the night. And I decided that I deserved the Cake Pop because I had just made it through the first kiddie disease!

Im not a fan of giving Madame bottle food, but because she was all spotty and Mommy decided to spoil her, she had Hipp Organic’s Pancakes and Apple Sauce – which went down a treat! In fact I may have found a new tea time treat for Madame, I must get move on and make some pancakes.

I don’t think Ladybug can decide which is her favourite between Cutey Wabbit and the Natursutten Dummy. She LOVES the dummy, but as a new teething chew thing. She has been over sucking dummies for a long time, but this dummy rocks. It makes a brilliant chew for those front teeth and she can chew the WHOLE dummy and it helps relieve that itchiness of her top teeth. The dummy is made from pure, natural rubber from the tree Hevea Brasiliensi. They are are extremely hygienic because they are moulded in one piece. This means there is no joints or cracks where dirt and bacteria can grow.

She loves her Cutey Wabbit – she hasn’t really slept with anything, she hasn’t become attached to anything, but she has taken to sleeping with her Cutey Wabbit at night. She falls asleep holding onto Wabbits ears, then progresses to sleeping with Wabbit under her arm, it really is the cutest thing ever! Cutey Wabbit protects her while she is making the transition from Mommy’s bed to her cot. And when Cutey Wabbit gets dirty I can stick it in the wash and ta da a brand new Wabbit! (I have fallen in love with Wabbit and I can’t wait for them to open their online store)

The Oh-Lief Nappy Rash Balm is just the perfect size to stick in her nappy bag (for those just in case moments – and its Natural!!!), the Sunblock is also the perfect size to stick in my bag just in case we caught out in the sun!

Unfortunately November will be the last boxes that will have Wabbit goodies in them – Im a little saddened by this I’m not going to lie – the next boxes are looking awesome already! Here’s a sneaky peek:

Pop over to their website (www.mybabybox.co.za) or like them on facebook here, and spoil yourself little one with a My Baby Box, they by far the best Baby Box out there! I cant wait for our next one!!


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