City Girls Head Out to the Farm

Summer is definitely here… The days of hiding indoors are a thing of the past. Ladybug is besotted with animals, she loves them and kisses them, it doesn’t matter what animals they are, how big or small they are, if they are an animal she will love them. So what better way to combine the summer sun, the outdoors and Ladybugs love of animals, then heading off to Irene Dairy Farm in Centurion?

We got dressed and ready for the day, including a new sunhat (which Mommy made – Yay me!), her sunglasses and a thick plastering of sunscreen – yes I am one of those Moms that will have their kid pasty white on the beach! We then headed off to Centurion, Grandparental units in tow – turns out Granddad knows the owners of the farm, how’s that for a small world!

We had a delicious breakfast, Mr Jones was eaten and enjoyed – I kid you not, the name of one of the breakfasts was Mr Jones, how could I not resist? Then we headed down to the cows, chickens, geese and swans.

Madame was in heaven.

She loved and kissed the cow (and Mommy installed a new mantra “Cows are friends not food”)

We then fed the cow and showed it how to open its mouth and eat its food.

We absolutely loved the day out. These two city girls will definitely be going back to the farm, except next time we will have a picnic on the lawns (you cant take your own picnic food or drinks, but there is an AMAZING little shop with Farm-made milk, yogurt  breads and other yummy goodies and COLD drinks or you can pre-order a picnic basket – just give them 24 hours notice) and we will be feeding the ducks and geese too.  They also have a jungle gym for older sproglets 🙂

Check out all Irene Dairy Farm has to offer on there website here, or join their Facebook page here.

P.S. Granddad and Grandma loved it so much, they took Great Granny back there on Wednesday. Looks like we will be doing a picnic with Great Granny too!


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