I found The Perfect Gift

The shops have started putting out Christmas decorations already *eeeeeekkkkkk*. Every year I promise Im going to do my Christmas shopping early, and every year I land up doing the mad last minute dash looking for the unique gift that says “just for you and not the commercial millions it was created for”. This year, I am glad to report, that I have done just that – started early! Well ok, maybe only one or two of them are for Christmas presents, but the rest are for awesome presents.

I ordered a few things to check them out and WOW!!! I love my panda bracelet and I absolutely love Madame’s Baby Bangle – I feel like a “real” Mom now because I have done the customary Silver Baby Bangle thing whats it.

The Perfect Gift, is … well just that!!! PERFECT! How awesome are these ideas for gifts? Not only are they super affordable, but you get it engraved for FREE (who doesn’t like free stuff?). How more unique and “just for you” can you get than something that is engraved just for that person? They deliver nationally, so don’t stress if you not in Joburg (please just confirm your handling/delivery fee when placing your order). PLUS if you order 5 items, you get one FREE item! Pop on over to their Facebook page and like them to keep up to date and on top of their specials, or else you can pop Oriël an email with your order.

Click on the pictures to load the full size brochure – Happy Shopping!!!!


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