You Are What You Eat

If this is true, then Ladybug will have a healthy, rich and wholesome life ahead of her.

I choose not to feed her purity (or jars of food), yes this means more work for me in steaming her food, blitzing it and freezing it, but its how I choose to feed her.

I choose to not give her meat, partly because Im not the biggest fan of meat, but I choose to raise her on a mainly vegetarian diet.  She has had meat twice now and she came out in a rash on her face.

I choose to not allow her to have sugars, be it sugar in her tea, or sweets.  I am hell bent on not giving her sweets or chocolate until she is at least 2 years old.  I have chosen this, not because I read it in some “whats good and not good for baby to eat” article or book, but because it is the way I want to raise her (and the same goes for fizzy drinks, chips and chocolate).

So you can imagine my shock and horror when I was asked in July if the school could give her a cupcake to eat (it was her boyfriends birthday) then when I said no, it was said “Ok Mommy then just the icing?” OH HELL NO!  Today I had another jaw dropping moment.  I was informed that Tuesdays are Fling days and they want to give her Flings but thought they would just run it by me first!  She is 6 (almost 7) months old dammit, I DO NOT want her to have junk food.  I have previously been TOLD to send purity to school so they can give it to her at tea time – I send rusks, organic treats and home dried fruit for tea but apparently this is far too healthy.

What is it with people incessant need to give kids sweets, chocolate and fizzy things?  I have battled with my weight for years, despite loosing 20+kgs in the last 15 months, I still battle with my weight.    I dont have the healthiest eating habits I know, I can happily have a chocolate bar slab for breakfast, but I am prepared to make a change in my lifestyle and eating habits so that Madame doesn’t inherit my unhealthy habits.  I know all too well what its like to battle with your weight, I know what its like to be 140+kgs, I know what its like to not give a damn how you look anymore, I know what its like to shop at Donna Claire when you in your early 20s because its the ONLY shop where the clothes fit you, and THAT is something I never want her to experience.

I have flippantly joked around saying that I will tell Madame that she is allergic to chocolate so that she wont eat it, but more and more it is looking like this may be the only way forward.  Why cant people accept that I choose a healthy way of living for Ladybug (and me)?


One thought on “You Are What You Eat

  1. The Blessed Barrenness says:

    I believe moderation is key. Having said that, I never fed Ava chips or chocolates until she was older and it was only at parties etc where it was allowed. Her school has a rule – no chips, chocolates, sweets or fizzy drinks to be sent to school unless it’s someone’s birthday party. It’s your choice to make and the school should respect that! She is very little still and her digestive system is still developing, I wouldn’t want to overload it with junk either!

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