Just a NORMAL family

I come from a complex family to say the least, a modern day family let’s say. There are siblings, half siblings and step siblings in our family, but I don’t refer to them like that, they are my brothers and sister. There are added brothers, aunties and families just to confuse matters even more. Unfortunately Madame Ladybug has exactly the same problem. She was told ONCE that she was “normal” in fact I got the pead to repeat it because it was the only time Ladybug was ever going to be told she was normal. She doesn’t come from a normal family, why should she strive to be…. Well…. Normal?
And this is what Ladybug’s tree should look like!

But THIS is what her family tree really looks like, to her, it’s her “normal” family


One thought on “Just a NORMAL family

  1. The Blessed Barrenness says:

    My question would be… what is normal anyway? If someone can define that for me then perhaps I’ll understand the concept of normal a bit better.

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