I love my computer, because my friends (and family) live in it

I would be lost without my computer or blackberry, s-e-r-i-o-u-s! I would be cut off from my “world”. My friends and family live inside my computer they really do. When I sift through the cobwebs and try think back to a time before computers and internet, when Sarah had just moved to the UK, communication was limited. I would write a letter taking up to a week or longer to post it. It would take a good 2 to 3 weeks to get to her and then she would reply. To receive a letter once a month was a bonus but we kept at it for years, this was the only way we could communicate (especially with phone calls being hellishly expensive). Now, we hit send and ta da you have mail!

Ladybug and I have family all over the world, I kid you not, I don’t think there is a continent where we would not have a bed to sleep in when we set off on our world travels, and we now even have Uncle Panda cruising around the oceans in the Med.

The internet has definitely made being apart so much easier. With Mom in Australia, I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t “talk” to her (I think I speak to her more now than when I lived 35 houses away). We skype-type, facebook and even email each other daily. With Boy in the UK, we skype-type each other too and I even get parenting advice from him, which is scary in itself. Nonny and I have become closer (if that’s possible) because we whatsapp each other nearly daily, she gets to see how her Nunu is growing and I get to be there as her big sister still.

Yes, I am one of those “Facebook Mommies” but given where everyone is, I use Facebook and this blog to keep everyone up-to-date on how Madame and I are doing, it keeps my family involved from across all oceans (and on oceans). If it wasn’t for facebook and this blog, I would either be sending out mass CC’d emails on a daily basis or heaven forbid I would need to invest in a photocopier if there wasn’t internet, I would need to give up my day job in order to just keep everyone up-to-date and I would spend a fortune in postage stamps!

If it wasn’t for the internet, I wouldn’t have arb people like Mr Jones, Amanda or E in my life because I found them lurking around online and they are my best friends now. Strangely enough, I couldn’t imagine my life without them; in fact I don’t think I had a life before them! The last two months would have been hell, ok they were hell because I was here and you were there, but we still “spoke” every day on whatsapp and it made the distance a little less, thanks to the internet.

I have found support in Mommy Bloggers, Mommy Forums and Mommy Groups on Facebook. It is nice to know sometimes that Im not the only one on this earth going through what I am going through. I draw inspiration from these people, I cry with them, I laugh with them and I take their journeys with them too. Most of these Moms I haven’t met IRL, and I may never meet some of them (although I hope our paths cross somewhere in the future). For me, they have become my “friends with kids” and there is always someone going through the things that I am.

I cannot imagine my life without my computer, friends, family and the internet!  And just today the internet allowed me to buy our tickets to Australia.


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