OMG all I did was blink!

I blinked and *Bam* she knew how to use a sippy cup, my precious little baby had a sippy cup in her hands, and she knew what to do with it without me showing her.  I decided to get her a training sippy cup after she grabbed my tea and took the cup to her mouth to drink it –thankfully it was too hot, otherwise I would have had tea with a dash of gob in it *shudder*

About a week ago, I was doing the usual bedtime routine with her.  The whole relax and play with our feet before we have our bedtime bottle routine.  While she was relaxing there, I decided to put her mattress back in her cot and remake her cot (not like she was actually using it at this stage, but it still needed to be made up).  There was a naughty giggle then a squeal and then my heart almost stopped when I looked over at my bed, she had rolled over and shuffled to the end of the bed, almost going head first off the side!  Just like that, the nights of sleeping with my BABY were over.  She was put into her cot that night, for her own safety and my sanity – I couldn’t have her crawling off the side of my bed!

This morning, she was sitting playing with her ball in her cot while I was getting ready. She stretched over her feet, came back up (having done a huge shuffle), stretched over again, grabbed the side of the cot and started pulling herself up. I turned into Super Mom and put my low flying skills to use and somehow made it across the room scooped her up and tickled her (hopefully) before she realised she actually could pull herself up on the side of the cot.

6 Months old and so much has changed so quickly, and Im not talking changed from a month ago, Im talking from week to week.

  • We have a tooth and brush it by ourselves
  • We wave Good Bye (When we in the mood)
  • We shuffle on our bum and our tummy
  • We eat eggie bread (by ourselves)
  • We can use a sippy cup
  • We put our arms out for Mommy and pack out laughing when she is picked up at school (I know I look funny at the best of times, but does she have to let everyone at school know?)
  • We go to people when they put their hands out
  • We don’t like Mommy leaving the room, but we learning that she comes back
  • We love yoghurt and big children’s food (and we think carrots are chocolate – or so Mommy keeps saying)
  • We are MOBILE in the walking ring


3 thoughts on “OMG all I did was blink!

  1. Cassie says:

    Far too fast – I just want to bottle her up to stop her from growing up too quickly, she has years of that still.

    @Kat – Hopefully the weather clears up and Saturday can still go ahead!

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