Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes words just aren’t enough to comfort a person.
Sometimes you just don’t understand why things happen the way they do.
Sometimes you have no clue what that person is going through, so you don’t know what words to use.
Sometimes you can’t really tell a person how they inspire you because your words won’t do you justice.
Sometimes a complete stranger, or someone you have never met in person, can touch you with her words.
Seeing as its Wordless Wednesday, I thought I would use this day to say to Sharon that you, Walter and Ava are in my thoughts.  In my thoughts because I don’t have the words to express to you, but hang in there. You are a strong, wonderful woman with a beautiful family and truly amazing things will come your way.



One thought on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. The Blessed Barrenness says:

    *tears* Thank you so much Cassie.
    I have been so touched by the out pouring of love and support from strangers, from people I only know online, it’s you all who have kept me going over the last week.

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