A Forbidden First Love

In an ideal world, far far away, Ladybug will be locked up in a tower, fitted with a chastity devise and not know anything about boys, ever! Well she will be allowed to date when she is 95, this has been agreed to, however Ladybug is defiant of any parental orders or instructions with regards to boys.

She has met her first love, her first Boyfriend,  it is rather sweet actually *cringe*

I noticed this romance brewing a few weeks ago. There were tell-tail signs. Whenever she walked in the door, his face would light up. She, of course, would ignore him, pretend he wasn’t there. She would look the other way and never in his direction. He on the other hand would crawl up super speed to meet us at the door. Just last week when I sat her down on the floor, he went to the toy box to get some toys out for them to play with (forget getting toys out for the other kids – they aren’t important enough).

When they wake up from their naps at school, she is awake first and calls out to him; he wakes when she calls and the two of them start trading dreams, stories and they plot their lives together. They chatter away while no one is listening and no one will know of their forbidden first love.

But just like any romance (in real life) the two love birds had an argument this morning. He had a ball, and he (being her boyfriend) should have known about her obsession with balls. Instead he bought her a doll to play with saying “Taa” as he gave it to her. She didn’t want the doll, she wanted his ball, so she threw the doll and he gave her the ball. She smile and kissed him and thanked him for his toy.

These two will be trouble in the years to come as they grow up together at school. He worships her, she is, well, keeping her options open (although none of the other boys in her class even get half the amount of attention he does). They will get into everything and do everything that they are not supposed to do; I can just see it happening.

My dear Ladybug, you are welcome to have him as a friend, but there will be no more of this kissing him nonsense – boyfriends are trouble and you are not allowed one until you 95, you promised!


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