Thankful for a tooth

Never ever, and I mean never ever, in my life did I ever think I would ever be so thankful for a tooth. One little, itsy bitsy tooth, and not even a complete tooth at that, just the first few millimeters of it, but I am truly thankful for those few millimetres of tooth.

Ladybug was a terror, a nightmare a demon child – well according to our norms anyway.  (During this Demon Child phase I had someone ask me if she is always this well behaved and I was shocked – I was ready to wring her neck!) 

She had mood-swings, baby-tantrums for no apparent reason while lasted an eternity (ok 2 mins but felt like forever); she went on a semi-hunger strike for 4 days and she projectile vomited on me daily for a week.  Not just “Ooopsy you threw up” *clean-up said oopsy with a cloth* it was the slow motion, open mouth and a raging river of dinner comes pouring out resulting in a complete change of clothes for me, Ladybug and generally whatever else that got in the way (i.e. car seat, bouncing chair, Mommy, Mommy’s Bed) you name it, it got washed. I even begged with her on Sunday morning to “Please stop testing Mommy, I do love you but I will stop liking you if you throw up on me one more time!”

On Sunday morning while walking through the shops, she took my hand and showed me her tooth, she bit and it was sore.  Eureka we have a tooth! And just like that my Angel Child returned.

Full of smiles, giggles, laughs and playfulness;  no more mood-swings, no more tantrums, no more projectile vomiting, definitely no more hunger strike and no more demon child. Not even face planting (painfully) gets a cry for longer than a minute.  I didn’t realise how much I missed my Ladybug, until that tooth came out.

And that’s why on this Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for a few millimeters of tooth!

P.S. If this was the Demon-Daughter because of a tooth, I hate to know what I am in for when she’s hits puberty! Oh heaven help me and give me strength for her mood-swings.  Sorry Grasshopper Granny for my mood-swings, it was not intentional and I did not mean to be Demon-Daughter


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