You put what on my where Mom? Seriously?

I’m a big fan of natural products, from creams to tissue salts to homeopathic remedies and everything in between, so when I got my August My Baby Box this month, I was over the moon that there was an Oh-Lief Bum Balm in there. 100% natural Bum Balm with Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Beeswax and Lavender Oil.

Now Ladybug can’t have anything on her girly bits without breaking out into a horrible  rash, she’s a firm believer in natural too, 100% natural as in no nappy rash cream, no bum cream no nothing. (she seems to be allergic to Zinc, or something that is in ALL bum creams including the Woolies Natural Bum Cream). I wasn’t going to chance using the Oh-Lief on her; I rather let a good thing be… No nappy rash is a good thing so I will leave it be!

But, she does have dry fat chubby cheeks and a little bit of dribble rash from the constant waterfall drool coming from her mouth and nothing seems to help with the dryness and the rash (not even the magic Papaw Ointment that fixed up the nappy rash in a jiffy), so while she was asleep last night, I decided to attack her face with the Oh-Lief Bum Balm. If it’s safe enough to go on her girl bits and bum, it’s safe enough for her face (my logic anyways) and what do you know, IT WORKED! (it’s also great as a lip balm for Mommy lips – makes them so-so soft).

Here’s a glimpse into the August My Baby Box:

Picture courtesy of


  • Ellie Fwend Toy from Wabbit
  • Oh Lief Baby Bum Balm (Full Size)
  • HiPP Organic Vanilla and Chocolate pudding
  • Purity Pedia Antiseptic Spray for cuts and scratches
  • Sister Lilian Mucocare – safe for preggy mommy to use
  • Ellie Dummy clip bib from Wabbit
  • R40 voucher from Mexican Bolas and Teething Things
  • 10% off voucher from Flexi-Sports

I absolutely LOVE the Ellie Bib it’s both super-duper cute and functional. Ladybug can hold onto the ears of Ellie when she’s drinking her bottle, plus she can’t lose her dummy (which seems to be back in favour) plus she can practice the whole hand-object-mouth-eat coordination thing and her bloody dummy is in reach at all times.

P.S. Go over to My Baby Box and spoil yourself your little one – its definitely worth it – and lets be honest who doesn’t like getting things delivered to them??  Its like mini Christmas every month!


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