Every day I wake up and I am grateful to have the opportunity to live my life for another day and make the most of it. Often we I take allot of things for granted, allot of things I should be grateful for and it was only when I started really using my M.O.M. Diary, did it suddenly strike me how hard it is to list one thing that you truly grateful for.

In the diary, it has a space that says “Today I am grateful for….” Now sure I could say things like sunshine, love, being alive, family, Ladybug, but I figured I would put a bit of effort into it and really look at the things that (for that day) I am grateful for. It isn’t as easy as it sounds, but it does have an impact, it makes you think, it makes you look at your day and go over the little things in life that you are grateful for.

I have decided that every Thursday (starting next week) I will try and do a blog called:



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