Enjoy the ride!

Shoo what a week, what a rollercoaster! I have started a few blog posts but never quite got past a few lines before Mommy duty would call or something else would come up, so I figured I would summarize our week in a photograph and words montage.

*cue music*
Monday: We enter the world of being stylishly cool with our sunglasses (yes I know she’s a little young maybe, but I rather start getting her used to them now, hell it beats wrinkles and botox – and as I tell her time and time again, “Mommy doesn’t have money for botox”)

Tuesday: It SNOWS!! In Joburg!!! IT SNOWS!!! The last time I saw actual snow in Joburg, I wasn’t much older than Ladybug – sure it snowed about 3 times since then, but I have never seen the snowflakes or seen any evidence of it. I was also booked off work with pink eye… seriously?? Pink eye! Oh well, perfect for a SNOW day!

And because Ladybug wasn’t feeling 100% herself and because it was a SNOW day, I spoilt her and bought her a pressie. Balls, lots and lots of balls! She falls asleep in her camp cot holding two balls and wakes up holding her balls, yes Ladybug has balls!

Wednesday: Mommy needed some time to get over the whole pink eye thing and time to rest my burning eyes without having to keep an eye on Ladybug, so I layered her up and sent her to school – my first OFF day from Mommy duty in 5 months and 7 days, and I loved every moment of it, until I carried on working from home that was and the office discovered the landline number which was at about 09h00 *sigh*

My poor nudist HATES clothes!

Thursday: Woman’s day, a day that women are meant to be celebrated (much like Mommy’s Day), cue Ladybug and sickness (she got sick on Mommy’s day too). And I realised that no matter how young (or old) you are Mommy makes you feel better, because she just holds you and strokes your face and allows you to just be blegh.

Friday: Grandma came back from her 6 week trip to the UK and Madame got SPOLIT! She even got a Hello Kitty Swimming Costume from Zara Baby! Its far too cute and I cant wait until she can fit into it! She also got some Disney Store things, now why don’t we have a Disney Store here?

Saturday: Saw allot of Finals happening in the Olympics and a lot of play offs happening, and Ladybug has got hooked on Hockey (and mens Diving – ok that’s Mommy, half nekkid men with wonderful V’s to the Valley *drool*) and Gymnastics. She was fast asleep before the South African Men’s Hockey game started – like dead to the world fast asleep. The whistle blew and *bam* her head went up, she was NOT going to miss the hockey match, and nor was Granddad!

Sunday: Ladybug was semi over her blegh, just on a semi hunger strike still, but she was able to put her skills to good use and watch Mommy doing the washing! And of course, in my totally unbiased opinion, she got totally cuter from Monday to Sunday!!


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