Thunderstuck and Kissing Catches

Up until recently, let me be honest here, Ladybug was well a blob! Sure she smiled at me but that is because I am convinced all she saw was a big boobie when she saw me. She had it sussed out that I was the thing that fed and cleaned her, allowed her to play in the bath, cleaner upper of poo and vomit and personal entertainer and don’t forget taxi driver.

But this morning, she played WITH me. For the first time ever! We have a morning routine sometimes it involves her waking up getting dressed, fed and back to sleep this allowing me time to get dressed, plaster make up on and look semi human and wake her up to leave for school/work. Some mornings it involves me playing a juggling act between getting dressed, entertaining her and still leaving on time because she has decided that a 20 min nap is sufficient for the morning. This morning was a 20 minute nap morning.

While Thunderstruck was blaring through the radio, and Mommy was jumping round like a looney person Madame was smiling and giggling (quiet possibly conjuring up how to get hold of Tara to get Mommy committed). I pounced up to her in the cot and kissed her, turned around and danced away. She looked for me so I pounced up again and kissed her (my hair covering her face and her bursting into laughter). I then went to sit down and put my socks on, and she looked over the side of her cot (breaking away from the concentration of the toys in her hands), smiled at me on her own turned her head scrunched her nose and was waiting for the kiss and hair tickle and then looked at me again as if to say “Mommy come on catch me quick”.

My little baby blob can now play kissing catches with me, unfortunately I need to do the running and kissing, but she is now interacting with me and playing games! She has also discovered her feet, and discovered they are ticklish if she plays with them. She can play with her feet for easily 20 minutes, they are the most fascinating things on earth to her, besides her looney Mommy.

Her laugher and giggles fill any room and it is most definitely the favourite part of my day, any time of the day! Welcome to being a little more human Ladybug!


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