It’s a bird… It’s a plane… NO! It’s a Nonny!!!

Aunty Nonny aka my Baby Sister, the youngest of the pack, the smallest of the pack (excluding Ladybug and Nunu IT) and by far… well I was going to say the most protected of the pack, but I think Ladybug just may have taken that place.

As in many families there is a favourite, one who can semi get away with murder, one who is everyone’s favourite and who is the most protected in the family… in our family BL (Before Ladybug) this was Nonny’s place. Of course having two much older siblings kind of secured her place in the family. She not only has a (step) Mom and Dad that will kill anyone that brings any harm to her, she has a brother and sister that will willing rip the head off the person that brings any harm to her and make them wish a quick death – not forgetting Mr Jones would do the same (it’s not like we violent people, we just THAT protective over her).

Of course being the said over protective sister, this does give me rights to rag her about any possible boy that she may fancy or show any remote interest in, fortunately I don’t think I need to worry for the next few years, well at least not until she is 100 and I am long gone from this earth. In the meantime, she has claimed Ladybug as hers, her Nunu, her Bubs – and as long as she will stay away from boys, I am quite happy for her to claim Ladybug as hers! Plus there really is no Boy on this earth that could possibly be good enough for Nonny anyway!

This year Nonny has successfully made me feel old! My BABY sister finishes School this year. She can now legally drive on her own, unsupervised! She can also legally drink (although doesn’t want to – which pleases me no end).

Just the other day I remember this little 2 year old (I must have been about 16 at the time) laying on the bed with me and Mom arguing as to whose mom she was (dusting off the cobwebs of the memory banks) this is how the conversation went:

Nonny: *removing my hand from Mom’s chest* It’s MY Mommy
Me: *Placing hand back on chest* No, she’s mine.
Nonny: *removing my hand from Mom’s chest* MY Mommy!
Me: *Placing hand back on chest* Technically she is MY Mommy and not even your step Mom (my Step Dad and Mom weren’t married yet) merely someone who feeds and looks after you.
Nonny: *Throwing my arm off Mom’s Chest* No MY Mommy!
Me: *laughing but trying not to while placing hand back on Mom* Not really, she is MY Mommy
Nonny: *on the verge of tears throwing my hand off chest* MY Mommy
Me: *laughing so hard the tears are streaming down my face, placing hand back on Mom* Actually she really is my Mommy and your Daddy’s girlfriend.
Nonny: *throwing hand off with even more determination* MY MOMMY!
Me: *almost falling over the bed in hysterical laugher* Mom, I can’t believe I am arguing with a 2 year old as to whose mother you really are!!!
Nonny: MY MOMMY!!! *with a sense of achievement that she had “won” the 5 minute argument*

Kuddo’s Nonny, you stood your ground, but she’s still MY Mommy!

From the moment this cute little blonde curly haired, blue eyed girl giggled at Boy and I and slammed the door in our faces, we I fell instantly in love with her. I have watched her grow up over the years, I have laughed at with her and ok at her as well (I am still working on the series of Mommy and Nonny Weekly Moments – the episodes I have are hilarious and I will share them some day), I have cried with her and because of her, loved her and been loved back unconditionally.

I have also watched my Nonny grow up to be a remarkably stunning young lady who has her head screwed on right, her values and beliefs firmly planted and someone I am proud to call my (baby) sister. Someone who I am glad to have in Madame’s life and someone I can only hope my Ladybug can take lessons from in life, which is why I did not hesitate when it came to considering Nonny as one of Madame’s Godmothers.

Nonny, stick to who you are and don’t let people try and change you, because who you are is simply AMAZING!

We love you Aunty Nonny and can’t wait for you to meet your lil one, your Goddaughter, your Nunu, Your Bubs!


One thought on “It’s a bird… It’s a plane… NO! It’s a Nonny!!!

  1. Aunty Nonny says:

    OMG you got me in tears, thanks Cass means alot to me to remember that, was laughing. LOVE the photos, my friends at school can see that. I will love you and my nunu, my bubs, my goddaughter and YOU forever and more until my heart stops beating and even then I will love you for ever more! And for sure whose gonna argure with you for not raising her right; now me on the other hand, am PERFECT lol she will learn alot from me. Love You

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