I can do it!

I have low days, and some days the lows are exceptionally low. Like today… its been a particularly trying week, emotionally, mentally and physically. Each of these aspects my limits have been pushed and pushed a little more. Just when you think you can’t get pushed further down, the universe proves to you she can push you a little further down. You realise that the bottom is not necessarily the bottom and there is still further to go down the rabbit hole.

You then get to the stage, you do question if EVERYTHING is actually worth it. You question if you can carry on going at the pace or direction you are going at/in. You feel like it is easier just to throw in the towel and run off to a secluded beach somewhere far far away… Today was one of THOSE days… I have been pushed to (low) limits I haven’t been to in a long time and being sick doesn’t help matters either (feeling rather sorry for myself and hoping Madame won’t get my tonsillitis).

Until the universe told me it was all worth it… That I could do it, that all my hard work, stress and elevated blood pressure levels was all worth it. I received my second 80% mark for one of my assignments today. Just a little thank you from the universe for my dedication to the insanity of being a Mommy and studying (and working)!

That was just the motivation I needed to get the last 4 assignments done…


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