She’s ALIVE!!!!

20 weeks, I have successfully managed to keep Ladybug alive for 20 weeks! Considering that she is a living breathing thing, I consider this a small miraculous feat, which is more than I can say for this plant:

This plant is 20 weeks old (excluding the time it took to grow and sit in the shop, it has been in my care for 20 weeks). It was given to me by Aunty Wendy on the 2nd March. It is a known fact that I have the, ummm skill for killing plants. I do water them, I love them, I talk to them and well they still die. I have a dead cactus on my patio; this is to prove to people that I can kill a cactus. I managed to kill the family Christmas tree, the one that was passed down from my Grandfather to my Mother then passed onto me in May and didn’t quite make it to see another Christmas.


Proof that it once lived in my care

There are very few plants that have managed to survive my black thumb of death – the Jasmine bush, the giant Strelitzia (that thing would NOT die I tell you) and the Bouganvilla … other than that everything pretty much died in my garden.

I have about 20 beautiful pots lining my patio, all empty! I will, however, try to get them growing something and I look forward to spending many hours planting things with Madame. I cant guarantee that we will be letting them live or that we will ever be able to eat the veggies and things we plant, but we can become pros at planting things.


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