Epic Fail on a Mommy-Duty Free Day

I have come to the conclusion that to have no plan is possibly the best plan with Ladybug. I took Friday off work, to give myself a birthday present, a Mommy-Duty free day. My intention was to send Ladybug to school, come back home and jump back into bed and enjoy the day without Madame Ladybug. I will admit that I felt guilty for getting really excited for having just 1 Mommy-Duty free day, the first in over 4 months.

Birthday Schedule:
07h00 – Drop Ladybug at school
07h10 – Jump back into bed and veg for the day
17h00 – Fetch Ladybug from school
18h00 – Dinner at Wendy

But then things changed.

I was still planning to take Madame to school, but instead of jumping back into bed I was going to go to the embassy to get our visas done for Australia, but then figured I may need to take Ladybug with me to prove that she is well alive (you never know with these damn Aussies).

Revised Birthday Schedule:
07h00 – Head off to Embassy in Pretoria on Gautrain with Ladybug
08h30 – Beg Convict Country to let us in and release us again
12h00 – Head home and veg for the day with Ladybug
18h00 – Dinner at Wendy

But then things changed.

Ladybug woke up in a fabulous mood (not) and then went back to sleep at 6h45 – bang goes getting to the embassy early. She had also woken up worse than she had been the whole week – schedule in a doctor’s visit. My filling had chipped the day before, so I had to schedule in a dentist visit. So with the doctor and dentist now scheduled in, bang went the embassy idea. So thinking on my feet, I decided to go for the VFS route instead of the embassy route, schedule in bank visit to get a cheque (seriously? Who still works with cheques? I mean really now).

Re-Re-vised Birthday Schedule:
06h45 – Ladybug goes back to sleep
10h00 – Doctors appointment
11h30 – Dentist Appointment
12h30 – Bank to get Cheque for VFS
13h30 – Submit application forms for visa to Convict Island.
14h30 – Head home and veg for the rest of the day with Ladybug
18h00 – Dinner at Wendy

And this is how it actually went:
05h00 – Wake up with Ladybug, get changed, dressed and fed
06h45 – Ladybug goes back to sleep (so does Mommy)
09h00 – Wake up and dash downstairs for tea in bed with Granddad
10h30 – See the doctor and get nasty antibiotics
11h00 – Ladybug takes a nap
11h30 – Dentist Appointment
12h15 – Head off to the bank
13h15 – Finally get cheque for VFS
13h15 – Some retail therapy to ease the stress
13h45 – Ladybug takes a nap
14h00 – Lunch with Great Granny and Granddad
15h00 – Ladybug wakes up and plays with Mommy
16h30 – Ladybug takes another nap
18h00 – Wake Ladybug up to leave for dinner at Wendy
18h30 – Arrive for Dinner

So the plans that were planned and re-planned did not happen, in fact we still have not submitted our application to VFS but that will be done this week.

Ladybug seems to have been on her own agenda this weekend and decided to mess all the pre-planned plans up, we couldn’t even make it to a birthday party because Madame had to sleep and wake up miserable and then sleep some more. But I’m please to report that those nasty antibiotics Madame is on have bought back my Ladybug and got rid of the nasty miserable thing that replaced her for a short period of time.

I need to plan for another Mommy-Duty Free day…. I just won’t tell Ladybug this time!!


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