A Spethal Godmother

The next instalment in people that influence Madame Ladybug’s life is for my dearest, oldest, nearest and possibly without a question of a doubt the most insane friend I have, Sarah.

Sarah and I met some 29 years ago, in a quaint little suburb of Roosevelt Park. At the ever caring school, Roosevelt Park Nursery School, under the watchful eyes of Mrs Murray our teacher. I may have wanted her swing and demanded that she got off it, or something along those lines. Who knew that a friendship formed over a swing would last over decades, countries and provinces?

Fortunately, or unfortunately I am not sure yet, Sarah had no clue that I was me and she was stuck with this insane person as her Best Friend for the rest of her natural life, and the life here after. I, on the other hand, knew that Sarah was different; not only was is she blind, but she has the special ability to endure my insanity and right then and there I knew that she was going to be stuck with me because she really is that awesome!

I look at Sarah with utter admiration at her accomplishments in life, this little friend of mine, who at the age of 5 was riding her brother’s 2 wheeled bicycle around the courtyard missing the washing pole in the middle of it, has grown up into a remarkable woman with such incredible words of wisdom and such sound outlook on life, nothing holds her back. She has travelled the world, gone down Salt Mines in Prague, Skydived in New Zealand, got Vertigo on the Great Wall of China while looking down (yes, Im still trying to figure that one out) and seen so many places that are still on my Bucket List. She has fought Cancer and survived and does not play the victim, hell sometimes I even forget she is a Cancer Survivor.

I also look at Sarah sometimes and wonder who really is the more insane friend in this friendship, I mean she makes me trip over vacuum cleaners in her room because she doesn’t know where the light switch is and its pitch dark, she is quiet happy to let the light bulbs burn out in her house because it’s not our (or her visitors) problem if they want to live in the sighted world.  It’s alright I get my revenge back by forgetting to tell her about the wall or table in the way then telling her to open her eyes and look where she’s going. We have great plans to become Old Mad Spinster Cat Women living in a huge house by ourselves (except now Sarah, we have Ladybug to run around for us)!

When it came to making sure Sarah is in my Ladybug’s life forever, I simply had to make her a Godmother, although now, I may, just may be completely off my rocker having done this! She has promised to feed Ladybug choccies and sweets and pump her up full of sugar while babysitting her and then loving hand her back to me without so much as a warning. She has also vowed to teach her to draw on the walls with crayons and how to cause general mayhem.

Can you revoke God-Parental Rights? Im sure it’s not too late!!!

We love you madly my friend and miss you more and more each day. Only another 16 months until we are with you again!


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