Im a Single Parent… Whats your Super Power?

I’m not going to lie, being a mom is hard work, being a working mom is even harder and being a working mom who studies part time, is even harder than that.  Being a single mom who studies part-time, works full time is well…. Just an ordinary day for me!

Sure there are days where having Ladybug’s Pa around would be nice, it would be awesome for her too, but that’s just not how this story goes.  We, well more I, have my down days about it and Father’s Day was one of them.  At school Madame made a present for Dad for Father’s Day, but she can’t give it to him, so instead it will go into a box and wait for him, one day when the time is right he will get that box and be able to keep the contents of it.

But there is a funnier side to being a single parent as well, especially when dealing with governmental departments.

Case (1) Home Affairs – I went to get Madame’s passport for our trip to Australia at the end of the year, and I was asked if her father was present, I said no.  The guy behind the counter then started telling me that he needs to be there so I very chilled said “well there isn’t a father”. I could see the confusion set in and Im sure there were a million things going through his mind at that point, more than likely the obvious one being “well umm don’t you need a father to make a baby”.  Needless to say, I was able to get her passport without there “being” a father.

Case (2) Australian Embassy (to get our visas) – And this one baffles the mind.  There is no father right, as we have established in Case 1 – but now, I need to write a motivational letter stating that I am a Single Mom and I have to give my reasons why I am a Single Mom, and if they find it acceptable they will grant the visa to her.  Nowhere on any records does Ladybug actually have a father.  Not on her hospital record, not on her birth certificate and definitely not in her passport.  So now I have to ask, what do I say in this motivational letter – “I am a single mom because there is no father” or do I say “Back in 2011, there was this guy who I thought was hot, he kind of liked me so we started to get to know each other.  Then this one night back in June 2011, there was a night of passion between a female (me) and a male (Ladybugs father) and so a Ladybug was grown.  But after this night of passion a few months down the line we parted ways and I decided to raise Ladybug on my own, hence this day I am a single Mom”.  I mean really now? Seriously?   Maybe I should just send them this, laminated and mounted:

There are of course awesome bonuses to being a single mom, you get to be Mom and Dad, you get twice as many cuddles, kisses and loves as a “normal” Mom and Dad do.  I get to spend twice as much time with Ladybug and I get to hold her twice as long.  I get to be her all, her everything and her superhero.  Plus when she has charfalitus she gets to be her Pa se kind, the rest of the time she is mine… ALL mine!!!


6 thoughts on “Im a Single Parent… Whats your Super Power?

  1. Charlotte aka The Stiletto Mum says:

    My mom had the same issues when she applied for me for an ID when I was 16. I was standing next to her and when they asked her who the father is she looked the lady in the eyes and said I don’t know! It was 15 years ago and it can be one of many, I never bothered to find out and never will. The lady was shocked out of her mind!

  2. Charlotte aka The Stiletto Mum says:

    Or for extra shock factor tell them you wanted to be a mom and that you have sex with many different men to get pregnant and it worked so that is why you are looking for a Visa to go enjoy a little vacation with Ladybug

  3. Mark Jones says:

    As always, Widget’s Mommy, you manage to make me laugh till my sides hurt. Oh, I can just imagine the faces on the folk at Home Affairs. Would have loved to have a camera handy.
    Looking forward to the next installment.

    Mr Jones

  4. Mark Jones says:

    Have been thinking about what to write to the Aussie Embassy and have the following to suggest;

    “Dear Aussie Embassy,
    Regarding the application for Widget’s visa and the letter that you requested as to why I am a single Mom.
    Just call me Mary.
    Widget’s Mom”

    That should sort them out.

    Mr Jones

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