World Domination: Step 2 – Sitting

As Madame Ladybug continues her conquest for world domination, with me her trusty sidekick, taxi driver and supplier of food and shoes, she seems to have mastered the art of sitting. Unaided, no pillows, no hands, no nada!

Albeit at the beginning of this Master Plan, there was allot of face planting, falling over, kissing the floor etc. but now she has mastered it and is quiet happy to sit there talking to the world and the dogs, until she feels the urge to stand.

It really is too cute for words. (And apparently too cute for pictures too… She has not mastered the art of sitting still or being still for photos – hence we land up with Demon Faceless Child)

Every now and then she gets excited and does the whole backward swan dive scoring an 8.9, but she has got this sitting thing quiet well covered!

Let’s hope Step 3 of World Domination (Crawling) doesn’t happen too quickly! I think I may need to teach her Step 2.1 of World Domination first – Staying still for photos!


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