Grasshopper Granny

This quotation inspired me to write the next instalment of people who will influence Ladybug’s life.

Grasshopper Granny, MY Mommy.

First off I just want to say a HUGE thank you to my Mom for not killing me (or any of her kids for that matter), because trust me there were times where murder more than likely crossed her mind. I think the only reason she didn’t follow through with it is because she didn’t know where to hide the bodies.

Grasshopper Granny got her name because she has only been on the Granny job for 1 year, 7 months and 4 days, so she is new to this job and has lots to learn (young Grasshopper). She has only recently moved from her L plate in Grannyism to her Red P plates and it is going to take a lot more hard work and dedication to move from Red P plates to her Green P plates and then maybe (one day) she will be a fully fledged Granny!

Grasshopper Granny also gave a nickname to Madame, and inspired the naming of this blog. Madame will always be Grasshopper Granny’s Little Ladybug, hence the name of the blog Life with a Ladybug.

Besides Mom loosing her “Mom” Name and becoming Granny, she somewhere along the line decided that she looses her Mom Duties too. Skype phone calls are no longer to talk to me, they are to talk to Ladybug and when I ask to speak to her I get a “what do YOU want?”. Our lovely goodie boxes that arrive from Australia have very little things in there for me, ok well the last one had chocolate in so she scored some brownie points there.

Grasshopper Granny has been true to form in Grannyhood and spoils Madame endlessly. (Sometimes far too much, but I wont openly admit that to her). Madame has been spoilt from when she was a wee little Widget and continues to get spoilt at least every 3 months, hold on its more than that because she is only 3 months old!! The last box of goodies had some AMAZING things in them, my favourite is the Wondersuit from Bonds (which I will do a little review, brag, mention what ever you call it at a later stage). Madame’s favourite is a toss up between her caterpillar toy and her Busy Bugs Book. She loves reading it with me every night before bedtime.

Thank you Mom for being an AMAZING Mom and thank you (in advance) for being an AMAZING Granny. I cant wait for you to meet her in December!!! Only 186 days to go!!!!


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