Mr Jones

When I look at the people in Madame’s life that will influence her, I already start turning in my grave. What have I done? They are a special spethial bunch really they are. I have elaborated a bit on her Godparents and the nutty bunch they are, and I will go into more detail over time as to each person that will influence Madame for better or worse.

Today I have tagged Mr Jones. When you have a look at pictures like this:

I have to sit down and take a long hard look at the type of person that is going to be influencing my child. High Heels, bra’s, affectingly loving a teddy bear in public, really now Mr Jones is this the type of person you want your Widget to see you as?

Mark, or Mr Jones as he is affectionately known, is one of my nearest and dearest friends, someone who I look up to, turn to for strength and support and someone who I know will always be there for me, and for us. He is also responsible for giving my Ladybug her first nickname, Widget, and no matter how old she is she will always be Widget to him.  My family, I don’t know why, have fallen in love with him and he is considered to be part of the family.  He even offered to fly over to Oz to beat Nonny’s ex-boyfriend up because he hurt her.  Nonny’s suitors can only be lucky that he is here and not there, or visa versa, because they will have to get through Mr Jones before they even get through Dad to take her out.  My poor Ladybug will have the same thing here, I feel sorry for any suitors she may have (he already has the shotgun).

Mr Jones is always up for a challenge, well he always sets himself challenges, and this time he had to pay the price. A few months ago we did a bit of fundraising for a friend who was in need of an MRI and Mr Jones promised that he would wear high heels if everyone contributed something. Needless to say, everyone did contribute, and now Mr Jones had to fulfil his promise and he turned to me for help.

Knowing my love affair with shoes, what better place to go to for his high heels he had to wear. Of course, the loving caring friend I am, I didn’t give him much of an option in terms of the size heel I would lend him (next time Mr Jones, be a little more specific). I laced him into a pair of black leather knee high; 6 inch heel boots around 20h00. Cautiously he stood up and was remarkably stable in them and somehow he managed to stay in them until roughly 23h00.

Respect Mr Jones! Respect!

P.S. The bra story goes as follows, it was Woman’s Day and all the woman (or guys dressed as woman) received a lucky draw discount from Indulgence for their breakfast, Mr Jones was not going to be done in when it came to his discount!

We love you long time like 2 Zimbabwe Dollar Mr Jones!!!


6 thoughts on “Mr Jones

  1. Mark Jones says:

    Dear Widget’s Mommy,

    Many thanks for giving me one of those, “Life’s most embarrassing” moments!
    You are both so very special and I love you dearly.
    I shudder to think what Widget will say when she grows up and reads this. She is and forever will be “Widget ” to me, that’s just the way it is.
    But she will always know that I am there for her (and you) through thick and thin, good and bad and that there is always an ear to listen and a voice to offer advice.
    Heaven help you both, you’re stuck with me…….lol!

    With much love

    Mr Jones

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