It are liking to be in the Jean Pant

I had a good giggle last night while looking through old photographs. Nicki is currently running a Father’s Day Competition with Cilla Bloom Photography on her blog (One of the Boys), so I asked Helen if she had some old photo’s of me with my father (there are very few of those around). Out came the photos and some crazy hairdo’s, weird clothing and well things I just couldn’t believe!!!

One of the things I couldn’t believe was just how strong the family jeans genes are. Yesterday I posted a spot the difference Wordless Wednesday. In that post there were 4 babies, 2 generations of the family.



It was (In order from left to right) Me, Nunu IT (her Cousin), Ladybug, Panda (her Uncle) Nunu IT and Nunu IT, I just didn’t have a picture of her Boom to post, but Nunu IT looks a lot like his Dad, so he would have fitted in right there. There is no mistaking we belong to one family tree, however many nuts there are on it.



When I sent Mr Jones these three pictures, he asked who Widget was with, I just laughed and told him it wasn’t her, but me. He couldn’t believe it, I think the words were you kidding right???

At least I know now that a shotgun is really needed for my Ladybug, because I KNOW what she’s going to look like! A shotgun and NO boyfriends, EVER… NEVER EVER!!


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