366+ Days Ago

About a year ago, my life changed, but I didn’t know it, well not yet anyways. My Little Ladybug picked me to be her Mom, heaven knows what she was thinking, but she chose me! She only let me know a few weeks down the line that she had chosen me. I would have to wait a very long 42 ½ weeks before I met her, but I did love her instantly although I tried not to.

A year ago, I would not have believed you if you told me a few things and these are them:

  • You would give up chocolate for 8 months – as a result Ladybug will NEVER taste chocolate, she made me suffer for 8 months, I can make her suffer her whole lifetime!
  • Your Polo and Guess Handbag will have Nappies in them – I still argued with one of my friends about this, but guess what E, I have had nappies in them.
  • You can give up on going movies for at least 2 years – The last movie I went to watch was Harry Potter and even then I had to sit at the back in the isle because my sieve bladder wouldn’t hold up for the whole movie.
  • You need 2 people or more to raise a child – I thought I was Super Mom and I was going to do this on my own 100%, but have you ever tried to use a hair straighter, put on make-up and feed a baby at the same time? Sometimes an extra pair of hands helps, even if it is to stop Madame from getting blusher put on her in all the wrong places.
  • You will drive like a Granny and obey the speed limit – I always thought it was a guideline, now I can’t believe the LUNATIC that’s speeds past me going 62km/h in a 60km/h zone, doesn’t he know Im carrying precious cargo!
  • You will discuss poo openly in public – Well I never thought the day would come, but it happens, I kid you not! Being a Mom gives you licence to do that kind of thing.
  • You will no longer be Cassie, you will be Ladybug’s Mommy or simply Mommy – Im not 100% sure if Madame’s teacher even knows my name, I am simply Mommy or Ladybug’s Mommy.
  • You won’t want to go out, you will want to stay at home – How true that is, even when I do escape Mommy duty once a month, I can’t wait to get home and be a Mom again, even if it means dealing with a Ladybug who is excited to see me at 00h45 and decides to play until 03h30 (which is what happened on Saturday night). I don’t mind it, not one bit.
  • You will be considered a Mommy Blogger and make it to the top 10 finalists for SA Mommy Blogger of the Year – I’m still blown away, this blog is just my ramblings, my way of seeing Mommyhood and a way to entertain my family who are spread all over the world.

In one short year my life has changed, and changed not for the better, but for the best!


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