My Own Personal Good Luck Charm

Often when I look at Madame Ladybug, I think that I must be the luckiest Mom alive to have such a wonderful, perfect piece of heaven on earth to call my own. But I’m sure all Mom’s think this about their little one(s). I truly believe that I am one of the luckiest Moms, and my Ladybug is my own personal good luck charm.

I find myself thinking back and replaying the events of her birth, analysing them, mauling over them and remembering those little things that I didn’t put in her birth story. Today for some arb reason, I remembered a very significant thing about her birth which in a way I had forgotten. Madame was born with a True Knot in her umbilical cord.

A true knot is apparently very rare and only occurs in 1 in every 10,000 or so births, this was only the second one my Midwife had seen and she’s been delivery babies for years and years (she delivered Kyle almost 17 years ago). A complete knot, thankfully a loose knot, but what a sight it was to see. It is also said to be a sign of good luck to have a true knot.

I count my blessings every day and Madame is usually at the top 100 blessings on a daily basis, but now that I have research just how terrible things could have gone should that knot have pulled tight, I will make sure that she is in at least the first 200 blessings that I count every day.

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