Routine – Change

No one is a big fan of change and even less so are Cancerians (of which I am one) and even less so than that is me, but I have adapted quiet well (I think) to the fact that life has or will change with my Ladybug but as soon as I get into one routine, it’s time to change and start a whole new routine.  I am a firm believer that routine is vitally important but it feels like I am in “Routine – Change” all the time.

At first it was the obvious routine, the “Routine – New Baby”. I had to adapt to change and include her, remember to feed her, burp her, change her and make sure she sleeps. Hours just seem to disappear and I got frustrated that I wasn’t able to achieve simple tasks and then it was time for change.

Then there was the “Routine – Baby Sleeps Through”. This routine started at 3 weeks, and suddenly I started to feel human again – I like my sleep as much as Madame does. I was suddenly able to do things, complete simple tasks and I even attempted the whole cooking thing, although still didn’t quiet complete cooking a whole meal, but I was getting there and then it was time for change.

We moved onto the “Routine – Working Mommy”. I was back at work when Madame was 6 weeks old and yes I do miss her during the day, but I need to fund our shoedrobe so there is no point in harping on about missing her or dwelling on the fact that she was at home and I was at work, it just had to be done. We managed quiet well in the new routine, I even managed to cook a complete meal from start to finish and then it was time for change.

Enter the “Routine – Baby at School”. With both of us not being morning people this was a problem, the whole getting up and getting not only myself ready for work, but Madame up, fed and ready for school as well. I managed to successfully change her sleep routine in 3 very quick days and she now is asleep by 19h00 and wakes up between 05h00 and 06h00, which helped with the adjustment of the new routine and after 1 ½ days it was time for change.

Now I am at the “Routine – Exhausted” which is running concurrently with the “Routine – Baby at School” . I am more exhausted now than I was when Madame was waking up in the night. I could have very easily climbed into bed with her last night at 19h00 and drifted off to dreamland with her on the wings of the fairies, but there was so much to still do. There was dinner, packing school bags, bottles and studying.

I think my Super Hero Mommy batteries are pap and running on empty in the energy department. I would love nothing more than to simply plug into a wall socket and recharge for the weekend, unfortunately we have places to go and things to do this weekend and assignments due next week, so we can’t recharge.

I think I need to plan a recharge get away… 3 weeks off Mommy duty… Bring on December and bring on Grasshopper Granny and Aunty Nonny (24 Hour) Daycare.


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