Are Mommies Ever Happy?

I don’t mean happy as in joyful and jolly, because that is a redundant question, how can you not be happy in that sense?  All you need to do is look at the face of your child(ren) and it’s like the best happy pill in the world!  Im talking about the other happy, the one where nothing is good enough, nothing is every 100% right… you know that kind of happy, the one where what you have others long for.

Now Madame Ladybug has been sleeping through since she was 3 weeks old – please don’t hate me new Mommies, I don’t know what I did to get it right it just happened – and I don’t mean the sleep through from 21h00 – 00h00 and then awake again at 04h00, Im talking about the 22h00 – 08h00 not a peep, not a stir sleep through.  Jealous? I know right, my Ladybug is amazing!  But now here comes the issue or the part Im not happy with:

This is the view I get most mornings when I leave for work

And it’s not like Im leaving at the crack of dawn, I leave and time after 07h15 in the morning. I steal a cuddle or a smile where I can before I drop her (or the monitor – which is more the case) off with the Grandparental Units for the day.  But I would like to have a conversation with her and play a little before I dash out the door.

This also poses a whole other bunch of issues, Madame Ladybug starts school next week and trust me, you DO NOT wake her up from this:


Because then you have one grumpy baby to deal with, not just for an hour but pretty much the whole day if you wake her up from her sleep, any sleep.  So back to the issue, we have to leave the house at 07h00 to get her to school and me to work to earn the pretty pennies that will fund our shoedrobe.  This means I need to change Madame’s sleeping routine from 22h00 – 08h00 to 19h30 – 05h30 and until this happens, I fear I will have a grumpy baby on my hands.

Yes I know there are Fabulous Mommies out there cursing me at the moment because I have this dilemma because Madame sleeps through already, but this is a real challenge for me and Im not 100% sure how to overcome this one… Unless of course I drop off a grumpy baby at Nursery School, run out the door and let her teacher deal with her the whole day, now that sounds like the best solution *sweet innocent smile*



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