Not a normal family

There is nothing normal about our family, infact I would go so far as to say that for generations our family has not been normal, but who would want to be normal in all honesty.

I certainly couldn’t break tradition when it came to my Ladybug and the people that would influence her life, in particular her Godparents – all 4 of them!

Her first Godparent (and its being done in age order) is her Godmother Sarah. There is nothing normal about her at all, after all we have been friends for 29 years this year, so she can’t be normal. Sarah is the most extordinary person I know and very few people can even hold a candle to her, but she has decided she is destined to become an old mad cat lady with me so that just shows the levels of not normal. Oh and the fact that she got vertigo on the Great Wall of China when she looked down!!!

Then we have her Godfather, her Boom (who chose his own nickname). His nickname in our family has always been Boy so I asked if he wanted to be Boy Oom or Oom Boy he choose Boom! Not only is he her Uncle, but her Godfather too and Daddy to her cousin Nunu IT.

Then we have her other Godfather, Panda. He is also her Uncle and her Godfather and he is the one that taught her about clapping hands so the fairies don’t die!

And last but not least is her Godmother Nonny. She’s also her Aunty Nonny, who spent the first skype video call to her singing nursery rhymes and made up songs (at a few weeks old).

With Godparents that have names like Nonny, Boom and Panda, Sarah is looking pretty normal here.

I’m, make that we, are honoured that each of these spethial, I mean special people have all accepted being her Godparents and hopefully one of them will bring some sort of normality to her life.



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