I might be a Mom, but Im still me

I by no means or stretch of the imagination claim to be a pro at this whole Mommy thing, I’ve only been on the job for 3 very short weeks, but in those weeks I have seen how things and people change quicker than super model back stage at fashion week.

I had a life before Madame, perhaps a very distant memory, but it was a life. I will continue to have a life once Madame is fully self sufficient, which by her rate of growth should be next month! I will have a life WITH Madame in the meantime, however I will not give up MY life for her.

Don’t get me wrong, I will gladly give up my actual life for her, if it ever came to that, infact I would only pause for a moment to say my final goodbyes to my shoes, then I would give up my life with no question.

Because I won’t change who I am because of a Ladybug being introduced to my world, I have unfortunately been criticised. Some have complimented me in how I am handling things, but its the ones that are quick to judge that get under my skin.

I don’t sit at home all day every day just because I have a baby under a month old, as a single Mom I can’t afford to do that, I don’t have the luxury of that either. So I go out with Madame, we go shopping, we do coffee dates, we have even been on holiday and next weekend we have our first Birthday party.

I do have allot of help, for which I am very grateful for, and one day I will repay those people for their help. But I cannot expect them to take over my responsibilities, nor would I ever ask them to either.



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