Come play with the Fairies

Sitting at the Country Club last weekend for tea with the family, I found myself drifting back to moments of when I was a little girl, playing in the gardens at the Club and spending hours outside and on the lawns. Its memories of a carefree childhood that make me want to go back there and relive them.

I can’t wait for Madame to get bigger so that I can teach her all about fairies in the garden, tea parties with teddies and how to live in a make believe world without TV, computer games or whatever new gadgets this technology driven century we find ourselves in present themselves.

Call me old fashioned or idealistic, but I want her to be a kid and play and not worry about this app or that app or even what’s on TV. Sure she will be exposed to TV and gadgets, but they won’t be an essential part of her life.

Imaginary friends, fairies, teddies that talk, princesses and princes will be normal things in her life. We already clap hands when she sneezes so a fairy doesn’t die.



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