Time flies when you a Mommy

If I scratch through the archives of my memory banks, to just over a month ago, in the last few weeks of my pregnancy, hours seemed like days and days seemed like weeks. Time stood still and seemed to drag. I felt like a horse that had been sent out to pasture to die – being on Maternity leave for a month before Madame arrived. I could tell you about ALL the soapies, Dr Phil reruns and Opera reruns. I was clued up with Daytime TV! I also started (admittedly not completed) allot of DIY projects, time consuming DIY projects – time stood still and never seemed to march on.

But now that I’m a Mommy, its a whole different ball game all together!! Days seem like hours and weeks pass like days. Madame is already 3 weeks and 1 day old.

Each day I wake up with good intentions and a list of what I would like to achieve for the day. But somehow, that list keeps getting longer and longer and before I know it, its bath time and the end of the day and nothing was achieved or scratched off my to do list.

Now I’m not talking major things on my to do list, I seem to get through those. I, I mean we, have yet to miss a coffee date or visit with someone – so we have the social thing jacked. But when it comes to pretty simple things like Home Affairs (where I am eventually at today – typing this up while waiting for this excruciatingly slow que to get a speed wobble), collecting post, grocery shopping, cleaning the house and simply taking a walk around the block… These things all seem nearly impossible to do and time is not on my side, it simply disappears!

I know the saying is time flies when you having fun, but it flies even more when you a Mom!



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