OMG I’m a MOM!

You know when you have those moments when you find yourself catching your breathe and realising your life has changed? I’ve been having allot of those moments lately, I like to think of them as “OMG I’m a MOM” moments.

OMG I’m a MOM because:

  • I can stare at this tiny perfect human being for hours on end and its better than any TV or movie.
  • I have been thrown up on and didn’t throw up myself.
  • I can sleep dead to the world, but the moment Madame squeaks the softest squeak, I’m wide awake.
  • I have been wee’d on.
  • I fall in love with this tiny human more and more each day – correction – each time I look at her (which is allot).
  • I have eaten cold egg and drunk cold tea and enjoyed it!
  • I have had my heart stop and break into a million pieces, yet loved her more for doing it.
  • I can FINALLY tell the difference between cries.
  • I have been covered in poo… So has she, and I didn’t gag when cleaning it up.
  • I have new grey hairs and dark rings under my eyes.
  • I make coo’ing voices when talking to her and pull funny faces.
  • I am a WE, not and I anymore.
  • I enquire about my DAUGHTER being added to medical aid or my airline ticket.
  • I know how to get a car seat in and out a car and pram without much effort.
  • I want time to slow down cos my baby is growing too up too fast.

And finally

  • I now have dummies, bottles, nappies and baby things in my POLO handbag!!

These are just a few “OMG I’m a MOM” moments I have had in the last 11 glorious days!



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