Ok, so this wasn’t supposed to be the first blog, and a few things might be a bit backwards for the next couple of days, but stick with me!

I have read and heard so many times about how Mom’s fret and panic about travelling with babies or toddlers, that I myself was getting into a near flat panic and the idea of going down to Durban, let alone with a 10 day old Little Ladybug – the trip was booked in January already, before Madame decided to cook for longer than she should have!

I have no clue why I was panicking, because in true Ladybug style, Madame was an absolute dream!

We started off our trip in style, we were chauffeured to the airport in Granddad’s Jag and got there early, check in was a breeze – it helps when you the second lot of people to check into the flight. We started our holiday in the typical traditional way (a Wimpy meal) then headed off to the boarding gate – bottle and dummies at hand and a new bottle of rescue remedy (for Mommy not Baby).

Standing in the que to board there was one toddler already screaming his head off and my thoughts were “oh boy this is going to be a long flight and Madame is going to perform just like that”. We found our seat and made ourselves comfortable – Madame slept through this all!

I woke her up gently just before we started to move so she could have her bottle as we climbed in altitude – sore ears were the last thing I wanted to deal with. She had a couple of sucks and promptly went back to sleep. And that’s how she remained the whole flight, until we were about to start our decent, she woke up had her bottle and being milk drunk fell asleep again.

What a pleasure travelling with her! Hell she even taught me a think or two about flying – sleep your way through it and its not so bad – yes Mommy is a nervous flyer and would drive from SA to Oz if I had the chance!

We arrived safe and sound with Mommy’s sanity in check and ready for our first holiday, although somehow I get the feeling that this is more of a week long photoshoot than a holiday – I guess that’s what happens when you go on “holiday” to a photographer (and a special Aunty Di).

Well that’s all for tonight, the important blog entry of the events on the 1st March will be posted when we back in Jozie.



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